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Having a great customer experience is a key part of any successful eCommerce business.

With Intelligent Automation, companies can connect disparate systems like fulfillment centers, CRM, back-office and take on repetitive computer tasks.

You Probably Know Automation By Now

If you manage a successful eCommerce business you probably heard about Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate. These are automation tools, unlike OpenBots, an Enterprise Automation Platform.

The main difference between a desktop automation tool like Zapier and Power Automate vs OpenBots is that with OpenBots you build digital-bots that can act just like a human and can perform 10, 20 50 or more tasks per digital bot.

Develop automation scripts

Automate Tasks

eCommerce companies usually automate invoice processing, order fulfillment and other tasks that should be done immediately ideally but often times could get delayed because of human factors.

Once you build a digital-bot you don’t have to worry about going on vacations or heading home early. Your digital-bot works for you anytime your want.

Connect Disparate Systems

Some Fulfilment Centers have their own software like NetSuite and you may not have a compatible system in your office.

You can create your digital-bot that will transfer and manipulate data from disparate systems so you don’t miss any orders.

Create Workflows

You can create workflow automations with pre-built automations using Sites & Forms.

This utility helps businesses establish certain workflows based on pre-determined data.

Automation for Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable processes have historically been some of the most targeted tasks for automation throughout the RPA space.

This is caused by most AP processes focusing on highly rules-based data entry, with the primary inhibiting factor being intake and data extraction from invoices.

Invoices are commonly received to a centralized AP mailbox, which is treated as the intake point for the process.

They are then generally pulled out of this mailbox, organized, and processed manually by an employee or SME into the corresponding system for payment.

With AP Invoice Processing as such a common process for automation, we wanted to walk through how the OpenBots Enterprise Platform, can be used to automate this process.

Create Your Own Digital Workforce

You can assign one digital bot several tasks (50+). Once you create your first digital bot companies tend to understand how creating multiple digital-bots that interact with each other is the best way to scale your automation program and see an immediate ROI.

Not to mention the improvement in services, work environment and operational business savings.

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