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Get Rapid and Proven Results with our 2-Months RPA Package

QuickPacks is a 2-month automation package designed to provide exponential business value in a short amount of time and at a fixed price.

Why Do Organizations Use QuickPacks?

QuickPacks gives you everything you need to launch your RPA program with an ROI. The package combines the OpenBots Zero-License RPA Platform along with developer-made solutions, expert training, and support.

QuickPacks reduces your overall costs of RPA while scaling your program to an ROI-focused digital transformation engine in 2 months or less!

Reduce Your Automation Costs With QuickPacks

With QuickPacks, organizations can harness the power of RPA without the bot-license fees that come with traditional RPA vendors.

OpenBots is a zero-bot license platform that reduces the expenses of your RPA program and increases the ROI from each bot you have in production.

Organizations use QuickPacks to start automating with the OpenBots RPA Platform without the need for an in-house development team and as a path to transition automations off of license-heavy platforms.

QuickPacks includes:

Platform Setup

Classroom Training Session

(4 People)

Training Classroom

2 Developer-Made Solutions

or Migrations from Licensed RPA

Developer Made Solutions

Standard Automation Support

Standard Automation Support

20X Savings on RPA

More Bots, No Licensing Cost

OpenBots is the first Enterprise RPA Platform with zero-bot licensing costs with a functionality rich Studio and Orchestrator. $5K cost represents Standard Support plan for a fair comparison.

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