Getting Started with OpenBots RPA

With easy-to-use software and responsive developer tools, building automations with OpenBots is effortless and even cuts down the time it takes to automate critical processes. Made by developers, for developers, OpenBots is changing the game of RPA with a zero bot license fee, open core, RPA platform made for enterprise-grade solutions. To enable maximum ROI and scale a digital workforce easily, enterprises should immerse themselves in the OpenBots Environment and get started using the tool. This article dives into the best method for getting started with OpenBots RPA.

1. Get Certified

Users should visit the OpenBots website and enroll in the free training course to learn the software. The free academy is a lesson-based training program for users to complete at their own pace. This is where the necessary functionalities of the tools are taught and explained to users in a way that teaches them to best leverage the commands. Users are then tested at the end of the course via an essentials focussed exam. Post exam, when a user passes the test they receive a certification as an OpenBots Developer.

2. Download OpenBots

To start building automations users will need to download both OpenBots Studio and OpenBots Server; Installation is simple, and easy to follow. However, if the user needs assistance, guides to installation for both Studio and Server can be found on the OpenBots website.

3. Build Automations

At this stage users can start building their time-saving automations. OpenBots follows a low-code approach, allowing users to automate by dragging and dropping activities into an activities pane. This feature simplifies automation as users can see what is being done without descriptions or explanations hiding next steps and pieces of code on the screen. For the more technical developers, traditional coding is also available in Studio for tailored solutions. OpenBots also supports Python, Powershell, and C# scripts, allowing for custom scripts to be run directly within the OpenBots Suite.

4. Leverage Pre-Built Commands and the Gallery

A lot of times when building bots there are pieces within multiple processes that are the same; logging into a program, formatting data in excel, and so on. Prioritizing the user, OpenBots offers a long list of pre-built commands within Studio and a full library of pre-built, plug and play, automations within OpenBots Gallery. The Gallery offers various kinds of OpenBots developer and community made solutions for common processes such as email signature information scrubbing, receipt organization and recording, and sending new hire welcome emails. A good place to start before building a new automation is to look in the Gallery as it’s possible someone has already built a solution similar for other users to adopt and deploy themselves with minimal effort.

5. Run Attended or Unattended Bots

When running an automation in OpenBots, the user can choose to run the automation in an attended environment or an unattended environment. In attended automation mode, the developer can monitor the progress of their built automation through OpenBots to verify there are no errors within it. While running an automation in unattended mode, the developer can monitor how the automation will run on its own when it’s not being watched by a developer or any human in general. When building an automation in OpenBots, it is best to test the automation in both modes to help ensure accuracy and strengthen the efficiency of each automated process.

6. Explore the Other Tools

Once automations are made and ready for real-time use, users should turn to the other tools within the OpenBots suite such as OpenBots Server and Agent to assign and schedule bots to execute business tasks. OpenBots offers end-to-end automation tools for every kind of business need. OpenBots Discovery for process analysis and planning, OpenBots Documents for Document processing and understanding, and OpenBots CloudServer for cloud, or off-prem, secure bot orchestration. With additional tools as such, the OpenBots tool suite provides everything a small business, large enterprise, or global corporation would need to implement a digital workforce. Be sure to explore all the zero cost tools the platform offers.

OpenBots is a full featured enterprise grade automation suite that benefits organizations and developers alike. The ability to automate processes in a low-code environment enables citizen developers to build their RPA solutions with ease. All things considered, OpenBots is a hearty tool for automating tedious and repetitive processes, and with the zero bot license fee structure, the amount of time and money saved by building automations using OpenBots is maximized.