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Run Your Automation Securely with our On-Prem Server for only $1,999/month with unlimited Bots

Use OpenBots Server for hosting, orchestrating, and scheduling multiple process automations within an enterprise.
OB offers optional Enterprise Support Plans to help your teams scale your RPA Automation programs infinitely
Alternatively, to get started with our Cloud Orchestration click here or contact our Automation Consultants.

Orchestration & Scheduling

Schedule bot executions in a central place with total control and view of what tasks are being completed when and where on the network.

Enterprise Grade

OpenBots Server is built on a solid architecture that allows for scalability, high security and the optimal performance that enterprises need.

Zero Bot License Fees

OpenBots Server is the only enterprise-grade zero bot license fee tool.

“How to” Guide for OpenBots Server

This tutorial is for anyone that does not have experience with installing applications on servers or any experience with SQL.

OpenBots Agent is a separate application that can be installed alongside OpenBots Studio and acts as a connection between the user and an OpenBots Server instance.

Publishing a process to OpenBots Server is very simple and starts with creating a process in OpenBots Studio then using the Publish Project action to move it to Server.

Schedules are an OpenBots Server feature that enables job execution at specific frequencies or with an ad-hoc approach.

Queues are a way to work on multiple items in an automation sequentially (according to priority), while also keeping track of their progress on the OpenBots Server.

In RPA, an asset is what automations can use if they are connected to Server through OpenBots Agent

Credentials in OpenBots Server are a username and password combination that are used to authenticate users within systems and applications.

The Process Logs and Change Logs are logs stored during the execution of a process. They log and keep track of any changes that occur within OpenBots Server.

The Dashboard tab is the first page that a user will land on when they first log in to an OpenBots Server. They provide visual insight into automations.