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OpenBots Studio v1.0.5 Release Notes
[New Features]
  • UI Improvements
    • A breakpoint button has been added to the main toolbar to set a breakpoint on the highlighted command.
    • Hotkeys have been added to set a breakpoint and enable/disable selected commands.
    • Hotkeys have been added for the Project Pane’s toolstrip functionality.
    • A “Clear Search” button has been added to the command search box.
    • Search bars have been added to Variable and Element selection dropdowns.
    • Deleting enclosing commands such as “BeginLoop” will delete all commands up to the respective End command.
    • Users will now be prompted for a new file/folder name when adding one to a project.
    • Dictionary variables are now supported in the debug variable viewing pane.
  • Command Updates
    • Updated text file commands to clarify when a file is being Created/Written.
    • Added a CompressFiles command to assist with manipulation of .zip files.
  • External Script Support
    • Users can now add external scripts to projects and open them in the Studio.
    • External scripts not currently in the opened project directory can be manipulated.
  • Settings Update
    • Removed Local Listener and Server settings, as those are going to be fulfilled by an upcoming accompanying tool.
  • Invalid path characters are now replaced with safe equivalents during the saving of Outlook MailItems.
  • Double Click actions in the Web/Element Recorders are now properly registered.
  • The Web/Element Recorders no longer overwrite selectors with a single found selector.
  • The ExtractFiles Command has been updated and corrected.
  • WordCreateApplication Command now has a New/Open Document dropdown.
[Known Issues]
  • ReadPDFText is not currently able to access its .jar file. We are going to be re-writing the command to utilize a different method.
  • The Remote Desktop Manager does not currently save the entered information. This form is currently the subject of a refactor operation.
  • The Remote Desktop commands in the System category do not properly initialize an RDC session.
  • Using SendAdvancedKeystrokesCommand will restore a window to its default size if previously maximized.
  • Code from OpenBots versions prior to v1.0.4 is currently incompatible with v1.0.4+ due to major namespace changes. This can be corrected with a bit of elbow grease, but users with large projects should ideally wait until a conversion patch is published.
  • Variables created during command execution are not visualized in the Variable Manager/Helper.
  • Errors in user scripts are currently only known during execution. Further validation could be provided to end users during command creation.
  • User is unable to select the default “My Scripts” folder location.
  • Inability to drag/drop commands from Command pane.
  • ActivateWindowCommand not properly bringing windows to the foreground.